Section 94 Reports

If you’re a developer about to embark on a development project with an estimated cost of $500,000 or more, you may be required by local Council to provide Section 94 contributions. This payment will allow council to provide new services and public amenities to meet the needs of the local community as a result of the new development works.

Fast and Accurate Section 94 Reports

We make the process quick, easy and hassle-free so that you can get on with your development as soon as possible. Our team of fully qualified quantity surveyors will carry out a thorough investigation of your project to uncover a realistic construction project cost which you can submit to council alongside your development application.

Our turnaround time is just 3-5 days depending on the size of your proposed development. We have assisted countless clients including architects, owners, builders, corporations, government organisations and property investors with cost reports, and we have a clear understanding of the requirements for local councils in NSW, VIC and Australia wide.

Experience and Knowledge – Don’t Blow the Budget on S94 Contribution Fees

With over a decade of experience, we carry out all estimates with care and attention to detail to ensure an accurate estimate that will reduce your development expenses and tax you pay to council. Not only do we go to great lengths when analysing the details provided, we also crosscheck them against previous benchmarked projects for accuracy. You will only pay what you owe, and not a cent more.

Rest easy with the professionals:

Fast turnaround of 3-5 days

NSW, Victoria, & Australia wide service

Professional, licensed quantity surveyors

It pays to do your research when selecting a quantity surveyor. Section 94 Contributions fees are calculated against your estimated construction costs, and an inaccurate estimate could result in you paying excessive fees to council.

Comprehensive Reports, Professional Advice

Quantity Surveyor Reports – NSW Council Requirements

In general, a detailed cost estimate will be required for most projects with a projected cost in excess of $500,000. Some NSW councils have different rates, and the summary of requirements and contribution rates can be found on your local council’s website.

What is the maximum S94 contributions amount?

Previously the cap was set at $30,000 for greenfield areas and $20,000 for infill areas. However, the 2017 amendment to the Environment Planning and Assessment (Local Infrastructure Contributions) Amendment Direction 2017 has increased the cap for some developments. We will advise you of the contribution amounts for your local council area.

Calculate Section 94 Levy

Enter development cost to calulate the levy paid to the government for section 94 development contribution.

Proposed cost of development (AUD)
Levy Percentage
Levy Amount (AUD)

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