Section 94 Contributions Mosman Council

There’s a lot to love about living in Mosman, and if you want to start a new development project in the area you may be required to provide a Section 94 contribution. The funds provided by this contribution will be used towards the provision of new infrastructure, services and public amenities to cater for the growing population.

Mosman Council has prepared a Contributions Plan 2018, and most land (business+ residential) within the local government area falls under this plan. The plan also outlines proposed works which funds will be allocated towards, giving you a better understanding of how your contribution will support the local community.

The amount you are required to pay can vary depending on the development costs, and cost summary reports for developments less than $1,200,00 as well as $1,200,000 or more can be downloaded from the council website. To help you gain an accurate understanding of your total contribution amount, Section 94 can undertake a detailed Section 94 report on your behalf.


Determining Your Mosman Council Contribution Amount

To determine your contribution, our team will prepare a detailed cost summary report of your development. All development works exceeding $1.2 million must be prepared by a registered Quantity Surveyor. Once we have provided you with this report, it can be submitted to Mosman Council for review. Your levy will then be calculated and you will be required to pay the appropriate contribution before receiving development approval and commencing works.

Your contribution will go towards a number of public facilities, most notably the development of:

Allan Border Oval Pavilion – a high priority project with a cost of around $2,500,000

Middle Head Oval Pavilion – a medium priority project with a cost of around $2,250,000

Various Mosman Playgrounds – High to Low priority project with a cost of $1,200,000


Additional Quantity Surveyor Services for Mosman Developers

Section 94 can also assist you in managing your construction budget, obtaining bank prefunding and managing progress claims. Whether your proposed development is big or small, we can help expedite approval and reduce the risk of encountering issues or budget blowouts along the way.

Contact us today for assistance with:

  • Bank Prefunding – Prove to the bank that your project costs are accurate and the project is viable. Section 94 will conduct background checks on your builder and establish an accurate cost for your project to enable you to receive funding approval as quickly as possible.
  • Construction Budgets – Manage your cash flow, compare data against previous projects and establish accurate costing of materials/labour and other inputs to reduce risk of budget blowout.
  • Progress Claims – We can keep your project on track by providing your financier with regular progress updates when milestones are reached. Our drawdown reports are highly detailed, and we will uncover areas in which you can make savings, point out design variations and any issues encountered on site. This will enable you to keep the finance flowing in and your project on track.


Registered Quantity Surveyors in Mosman – Contact Section 94 Today

If you have any questions about our range of quantity surveying services, or if you would like to book a consultation, please contact Section 94 today. We are happy to provide advice regarding council regulations, and we look forward to working with you.