Section 94 Contributions City of Sydney Council

Before embarking on a development project in the City of Sydney, you may be required to pay a Section 94 contribution. The City of Sydney Council Development Contributions Plan 2015 provides a framework for the program and more detail on how these funds will be used. The main purpose of section 94 contributions is to allow for new services and infrastructure to cater for the growing population.

The plan applies to most areas of Sydney, although Central Sydney and Darling Harbour are excluded. Estimates have shown that there will be approximately 60,000 new people living within the City of Sydney Council area from 2015-2030, and the funds raised from Section 94 contributions will help to cater for the needs of these people and prevent current infrastructure from falling into decline.


East, South and West Precincts – Patterns and Boundaries

Most developments require consent before construction can begin, and a registered quantity surveyor can help you to determine applicable Section 94 fees. At Section 94, we have a complete understanding of Sydney City Council requirements and can help to expedite the approval process for you.

We will work out your appropriate contribution by taking a close look at net population increase and contribution rates per resident/worker/visitor. Each development precinct has different contribution rates, which as of 13 September 2015 were set at:

  • East: $2544 per additional worker, $6251 per additional visitor and $9218 per additional resident
  • South: $4433 per additional worker, $10277 per additional visitor and $11788 per additional resident
  • West: $1777 per additional worker, $7012 per additional visitor and $9287 per additional resident


Know Where You Stand

Section 94 have been helping clients determine their appropriate contribution amounts for many years. Prior to obtaining your construction certificate, we will provide you with a detailed report outlining your total contribution amount. When you are ready to pay, simply email council on to confirm the amount.

Payment can be made at local neighbourhood service centres such as Town Hall House, Green Square, Kings Cross or Redfern. Once your contribution has been paid, you can then commence with complying development works.

Other Services from Section 94

The construction market in Sydney is highly competitive, and our service offering extends beyond just providing Section 94 reports. We also help our clients with the following:

  • Bank Prefunding Reports – Expedite the finance approval process and get started faster. We partner with major banks including CBA, Bank of Melbourne, RAMS, Westpac, NAB and other lenders.
  • Construction Budgets – Gain an accurate idea of your construction costs and keep track of your cash flow
  • Progress Claims – we can provide your financier with regular updates and drawdown reports to demonstrate that milestones are being met. This will help to keep your project on track and on budget.


Registered Quantity Surveyors in Sydney – Contact Section 94 Today

The team at Section 94 look forward to assisting you with your Sydney development project. Please contact us today to arrange a consultation. We are more than happy to talk you through the process and local council requirements, and we’ll be with you at every step of your project.