Progress Claims

Regular progress drawdown reports are integral to the ongoing payment process of construction projects of all sizes.

Typically, the financiers of a construction project will periodically make funding available for the ongoing completion of a project. In order to justify the release of funds, a drawdown report is required. Drawdown reports inform the financier of the project that milestones have been met. This process can help identify budget savings, design variations, health and safety issues, and over-runs before they become an issue.

Progress Drawdown Report

Professional reporting by a team of highly experienced, licensed quantity surveyors.

At Section 94, progress drawdown reports are created on a daily basis for a wide variety of construction projects. We are a registered quantity surveyor with the Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors, and as such are held to the highest standards or quality and integrity for all our reports. Progress draw-down reports are no exception.

The process of creating a draw-down report

A draw-down report will typically be preceded by an inspection of the construction site. This inspection is used to check and ensure that milestones have been completed successfully. In addition, many further checks and balances can be required to ensure the project is fullfilling required legislation, quality, design, safety and insurance requirements.

A well executed project that is profitable for all is the intended outcome of Section 94 draw down reports. It’s very easy for a large construction project to veer off budget and design, and the draw down report helps ensure things stay on track.

Comprehensive Reports, Professional Advice

Completing the report will involve

  • A detailed inspection of the construction site,
  • An audit of the contractor’s claimed progress.
  • A design compliance certificate completed by the designer / architect
  • Confirmation of current insurance certificates
  • Completion of a statutory declaration
  • Confirmation of other certifications, WH&S checks and permits as required

Experts in progress drawdown reports

Section 94 have a decade of experience in completing accurate, clear, and succinct drawdown reports. As a registered quantity surveyor you can rest easy knowing you are in good hands and that all variables in your project are accounted for.

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